Class FingerprintTemplate

  • public class FingerprintTemplate
    extends Object
    Biometric description of a fingerprint suitable for efficient matching. Fingerprint template holds high-level fingerprint features, specifically ridge endings and bifurcations (together called minutiae). Original image is not preserved in the fingerprint template and there is no way to reconstruct the original fingerprint from its template.

    FingerprintImage can be converted to template by calling FingerprintTemplate(FingerprintImage) constructor.

    Since image processing is expensive, applications should cache serialized templates. Serialization into CBOR format is performed by toByteArray() method. CBOR template can be deserialized by calling FingerprintTemplate(byte[]) constructor.

    Matching is performed by constructing FingerprintMatcher, passing probe fingerprint to its FingerprintMatcher(FingerprintTemplate) constructor, and then passing candidate fingerprints to its FingerprintMatcher.match(FingerprintTemplate) method.

    FingerprintTemplate contains two kinds of data: fingerprint features and search data structures. Search data structures speed up matching at the cost of some RAM. Only fingerprint features are serialized. Search data structures are recomputed after every deserialization.

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