Class FingerprintImageOptions

  • public class FingerprintImageOptions
    extends Object
    Additional information about fingerprint image. FingerprintImageOptions can be passed to FingerprintImage constructor to provide additional information about fingerprint image that supplements raw pixel data. Since SourceAFIS algorithm is not scale-invariant, all images should have DPI configured explicitly by calling dpi(double).
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    • Constructor Detail

      • FingerprintImageOptions

        public FingerprintImageOptions()
        Initializes default options. Call methods of this class to customize the options.
    • Method Detail

      • dpi

        public FingerprintImageOptions dpi​(double dpi)
        Sets image resolution. Resolution in measured in dots per inch (DPI). SourceAFIS algorithm is not scale-invariant. Fingerprints with incorrectly configured DPI may fail to match. Check your fingerprint reader specification for correct DPI value. Default DPI is 500.
        dpi - image resolution in DPI (dots per inch), usually around 500
        this (fluent method)
        IllegalArgumentException - if dpi is non-positive, impossibly low, or impossibly high