Class FingerprintCompatibility

  • public class FingerprintCompatibility
    extends Object
    Collection of methods for export and import of foreign fingerprint template formats. Only publicly documented formats implemented in FingerprintIO are supported, specifically ANSI 378 (2004, 2009, and 2009/Am1) and ISO 19794-2 (2005 and 2011 off-card variants).

    ANSI and ISO template specs prescribe specific ways to calculate minutia position and angle. They even vary these calculations between versions of the same spec. SourceAFIS has its own algorithms to determine minutia positions and angles. Conversion routines currently don't attempt to compensate for this difference. They just copy minutia positions and angles to the target template without any adjustments. This may result in some loss of accuracy when matching against templates from other sources.

    Note that the use of these so-called "standard" templates for fingerprint exchange is strongly discouraged in favor of plain fingerprint images.

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