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Some language ports of SourceAFIS can produce algorithm transparency data packed in a ZIP file.


The list below shows files written into transparency ZIP during feature extraction, probe preparation, and comparison with candidate. Files named pairing and score appear multiple times, each containing different minutia pairing. Some of these repeats have been omitted from the list. Click on any file to learn about its format.


In Java, transparency ZIP is created by using predefined transparency data consumer

var probeImage = Files.readAllBytes(Paths.get("probe.png"));
var candidateImage = Files.readAllBytes(Paths.get("candidate.png"));

// Anything outside the try-with-resources block is excluded from the ZIP.
var candidate = new FingerprintTemplate(new FingerprintImage(candidateImage));

// Actions executed in the try-with-resources block write into the ZIP file.
try (   var stream = new FileOutputStream("");
        var transparency = {
    // Log feature extractor activity.
    var probe = new FingerprintTemplate(new FingerprintImage(probeImage));
    // Log probe preparation.
    var matcher = new FingerprintMatcher(probe);
    // Log comparison with candidate.