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Detailed scoring, a part of algorithm transparency, is a breakdown of similarity score that is computed by SourceAFIS during matching for a pair of fingerprints. Scoring is done separately for every pairing. Pairing with the highest total score is selected as the best match. Scoring for the best match is also recorded under separate best-score key.

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Scoring is recorded as a CBOR-encoded object holding several fields. Final similarity score is stored in shapedScore field. Other fields describe intermediate scores that contribute to the final score.

Example: 047-score.cbor

  "minutiaCount": 30,
  "minutiaScore": 0.96,
  "minutiaFractionInProbe": 0.6521739130434783,
  "minutiaFractionInCandidate": 0.8108108108108109,
  "minutiaFraction": 0.7314923619271445,
  "minutiaFractionScore": 6.568801410105758,
  "supportingEdgeSum": 284,
  "edgeCount": 314,
  "edgeScore": 83.21000000000001,
  "supportedMinutiaCount": 30,
  "supportedMinutiaScore": 5.79,
  "minutiaTypeHits": 26,
  "minutiaTypeScore": 16.354,
  "distanceErrorSum": 265,
  "distanceAccuracySum": 112,
  "distanceAccuracyScore": 2.9411140583554376,
  "angleErrorSum": 4.7496614,
  "angleAccuracySum": 5.373248,
  "angleAccuracyScore": 1.4809341198205948,
  "totalScore": 117.3048495882818,
  "shapedScore": 235.5580484154064