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SourceAFIS for .NET is a pure .NET port of SourceAFIS, an algorithm for recognition of human fingerprints. It can compare two fingerprints 1:1 or search large database 1:N for matching fingerprint. It takes fingerprint images on input and produces similarity score on output. Similarity score is then compared to customizable match threshold.

Getting started

While SourceAFIS 3.x for .NET is in development, it is not yet ready for everyday use. There is however an older tutorial covering SourceAFIS 1.7 for .NET.


Latest stable release of SourceAFIS for .NET is at version 1.7. You can download it as a ZIP file:

SourceAFIS 1.7 for .NET
Recommended. Stable release.

There is an experimental version 3.x that mimicks APIs of the Java version, but it is untested and likely broken. You can try to hack its source code though:

SourceAFIS 3.x for .NET (alpha)

There is an unofficial 3rd party NuGet package that is no longer maintained. I recommend using the ZIP file linked above to ensure you have an unmodified copy of SourceAFIS.

Source code

SourceAFIS is distributed under Apache License 2.0.

Next steps