Get/set DPI for processed images.

Namespace:  SourceAFIS.Simple
Assembly:  SourceAFIS (in SourceAFIS.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Property Dpi As Integer
public int Dpi { get; set; }
Visual C++
property int Dpi {
	int get ();
	void set (int value);
function get_dpi();
function set_dpi(value);

Field Value

DPI of images submitted for template extraction. Default is 500.


DPI of common optical fingerprint readers is 500. For other types of readers as well as for high-resolution readers, you might need to change this property to reflect capabilities of your reader. This value is used only during template extraction (Extract(Person)). Matching is not affected, because extraction process rescales all templates to 500dpi internally.

Setting DPI causes extractor to adjust its parameters to the DPI. It therefore helps with accuracy. Correct DPI also allows matching of fingerprints coming from different readers. When matching children's fingerprints, it is sometimes useful to fool the extractor with lower DPI setting to deal with the tiny ridges on fingers of children.

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