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SourceAFIS algorithm has been submitted for evaluation to FVC-onGoing competition. Latest results are shown in the table below.

Benchmark areaBenchmarkAlgorithmVersionEERFMR100FMR1KFMR10KZero FMRDetails
Fingerprint VerificationFV-STDSourceAFIS3.14.03.87 %4.73 %6.55 %9.05 %10.6 %submission 8426
Fingerprint VerificationFV-HARDSourceAFIS3.14.0-net8.19 %11.6 %15.1 %19.4 %21 %submission 8427
SourceAFIS performance in FVC-onGoing


The results show that SourceAFIS is on the lower end of the accuracy spectrum, but they also show that SourceAFIS can perform very well with high-quality fingerprints.

Notice that FNMR at zero FMR is around 10%. That is most likely because SourceAFIS has trouble matching the lowest quality 5% of fingerprints, but it can match the remaining 95% with high confidence.

Applications that need to keep FNMR low should either ensure high fingerprint quality during enrollment or capture multiple fingers per subject.


FVC-onGoing requires participants to implement command-line protocol. Source code for wrappers implementing this protocol on top of SourceAFIS is opensourced in repositories listed below.

FVC-onGoing wrappers for SourceAFIS